Ungar & Ungar

Ungar & Ungar

Ungar and Ungar is a company comprising a husband and wife team, whose roots are far reaching in the jewellery trade. Bernard Ungar is a descendant of fine jewellers from Eastern Europe. The name Ungar has been synonymous with the jewellery trade for five generations.

The collection is unique, reminiscent of style and quality from a bygone age.

Crafted by the artisans, the styling encompasses the time-honoured tradition of hand mill-graining - a painstaking process that imprints every piece with an exquisite pattern and elevates the jewellery into the couture realm of wearable art. There are handcrafted Art Deco pendants, bursting with micro-set diamonds, red rubies and pink sapphires; garden inspired eternity bands; long, slender stiletto earrings; chandelier earrings; stackable, geometric link Art Deco bracelets; and mixtures of pink, yellow and white gold appear throughout the range. A team of lapidary artists and engravers work consistently to meet the most exacting Old World standards.

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