Diamond being valued

Why Choose Paul James Jewellers to carry out your Valuation?

Your items of jewellery are precious and need insurance in order to protect them in the event of loss or damage. To insure pieces for the right value requires a valuation from an Institute Registered Valuer.

At Paul James Jewellers your valuation will be carried out by Julian, our in-house Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers.

What does ‘registered valuer’ mean?

An IRV (Institute Registered Valuer) is a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable expert in whom you can trust.

Jewellery valuations require expertise and discipline in order to ensure that descriptions are precise, identifications correct and measurements accurate.

Why do I need a Valuation?

In the event of the loss of an item it is your responsibility to prove that you owned the piece for which you are making a claim. Valuations establish, at the time of loss, how much it would cost to replace the item. This means it is important to keep your valuations up to date to ensure you receive the correct amount to replace the item in the event of a claim. Your valuer will advise you on how often your items should be re-valued.

In the event of a claim some insurance companies will send you to a jeweller of their choice, rather than let you use the original supplier or your preferred jeweller. We recommend you look carefully at your policy to find out how your insurers will deal with the loss of an item.

Paul James Jewellers is in partnership with many loss management companies so in the event you are given an LMG card for example you can redeem that here with us.

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